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Children’s Book Committee – May 2017 Pick

May 3, 2017




Digitized art captures the iconic creations of a young artist who drew on vinyl, streets, buildings, and subway walls- all inspired by breakdancing. Back matter.
Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing
by Kay A. Haring; Illustrated by Robert Neubecker
Our Young Reviewer Says:
I love this book! His drawing are great. Really great. I like that some of his drawings are funny. I like the drawings because they made the world more special. Some of the drawings are complicated and confusing like a maze, and some of the drawings are very simple. The drawings are art. I like his idea that art is for everyone. I like his idea that no one can think that art is right or wrong, because it is just your own drawing. That idea makes me feel very happy because no one is the best or worst drawer in the world. Everyone draws how they are. I also like the idea that he just kept drawing because I just keep dancing, writing, drawing and painting so I understand.
Annette, age 6, Brooklyn
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