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Children’s Book Committee-March Pick

March 2, 2017


Multiracial children depicted in gouache and pen and ink illustrations record their joyful interaction with the seasons in free verse in a diary style format.

When Green Becomes Tomatoes

By Julie Fogliano
Pictures by Julie Morstad
Our Young Reviewer Says:
This book is my favorite book I have read. I love this book. It is a book
about the seasons and it has poems for different days, but the book skips
some days. In the poems the girl in the book describes things that you really
can’t do like listening to the flowers sing instead of looking at them. And
smelling the warm sun and tasting the warm sun instead of just feeling it on
your body. It makes the seasons more interesting and it makes the seasons
more like imagination. The girl talks to the seasons also. Like for example,
she asks the winter to – please tell the snow, thank you very much, but no.
When she too cold or too wet she asks the seasons to change. It makes me
feel like the seasons listen to her and that the seasons could listen to me
too. I might start talking to the seasons too. The whole book makes me feel
And the book reminds me of all of the things I do in all of the seasons.
I just looked out of the window like the girl in the book and told the sun, I’m
tired of mittens, I asked the sun to tell winter thank you very much but no!
YR: Annette, age 6, _______
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