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Children’s Book Committee – February Pick

February 23, 2017


Raymie Nightingale
by Kate  DiCamillo
(Candlewick Press)

Raymie, ten, hopes her father will return to the family if she wins the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition, resulting in unexpected friends and adventures.   (9-12)

Our Young Reviewer says:

“This book is special and creative because all of the three main characters
have such original and unique personalities and backstories which keep
building as the reader continues, taking twists and turns which after, Raymie
(the main character from whose perspective the book is narrated from) learns
something about her two friends. Also, the “three rancheros” friendship is
interesting because of their contrasting personalities (Louisiana, the optimist,
Raymie, quiet, hopeful and somewhat naive, and Beverly, brave and caring)
but everyone comes in handy when they have to complete challenges and
overcome obstacles. The pacing was a little bit fast, though it might have been
to show that in the story, all of these changes, like her father leaving with the
dental hygienist and having a new set of friends and Mrs. Borkowski dying,
were all happening really fast to her and it was an overwhelming experience
for Raymie.”
Arya, 11, Manhattan
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