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Come See Our Art!

November 30, 2015

The Bank Street College Library is more than just a repository of some of the world’s greatest children’s books. Our walls are now boasting illustrations from the best children’s illustrators too!

How the library came to possess these wonderful images happened serendipitously. In March of 2013, cartoonist Stephan Pastis, author of the Timmy Failure series (Candlewick) was visiting classrooms at the School for Children. Then Director of the Center for Children’s Literature, Jenny Brown, had heard through the library grapevine that Stephan enjoyed leaving graffiti in places he had visited. When asked, he happily drew this image of his main protagonist in the children’s library office.


Illustration by Stephan Pastis

Thus began a new tradition at Bank Street. Author/artists visiting Bank Street are now asked to leave an illustration. Since then such luminaries as Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and Brian Floca have graced our walls.


Laura Vaccaro Seeger


Brian Floca

The artwork is now everywhere in the main library. At BookFest 2015 in October, Chris Myers, My Pen, (Disney-Hyperion 2015), Raúl Colón, Draw! (Simon and Schuster 2014), Sara Varón , Robot Dreams, (Macmillan 2007), and Shadra Strickland, Bird (Lee and Low 2008) also added their work.


Chris Myers, Raúl Colón, and Sara Varon




Shadra Strickland

Final drawings by Raúl Colón, Sara Varón, Shadra Strickland, and Chris Myers.

We look forward to covering every inch of our wall space with the precious drawings of the world’s finest illustrators.


Moose by Paul O. Zelinksy with smaller image by Chris Haughton

-Cindy Weill


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