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A Visit from Ivy and Bean’s Creators

October 21, 2013

Recently, author Annie Barrows and artist Sophie Blackall came to the Bank Street School for Children to visit the 8s/9s and talk about their books starring Ivy & Bean.

Annie Barrows (l) and Sophie Blackall (r)

Annie Barrows (l) and Sophie Blackall (r)

Annie read from Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance, in which the two friends beg to take ballet classes. Did you know that Annie Barrows took ballet lessons as a girl?


Sophie Blackall said that people always ask her which of the two characters is her favorite. “I could not choose between Ivy and Bean, any more than I could choose between my own children,” Sophie said. “But I love to draw Bean’s hair.” Sophie proceeded to draw Bean upside down while Annie read Doomed to Dance.



Annie and Sophie’s new book, Ivy and Bean: Take the Case, their 10th book together, is a mystery they must solve, and it involves a yellow rope. Sophie made and accordion-style sheet, linked together by a yellow rope she had drawn. She invited the 8s/9s to draw a self-portrait along that yellow rope.


Some students from Brooklyn (where Sophie lives) had drawn their self-portraits, and the 8s/9s added theirs to the rope. Next, Sophie will take it to London with her, so children from London will add their self-portraits. This yellow rope will tie together students from around the world.

Thank you for visiting, Annie and Sophie!

(Photos courtesy of Cheryl Simon and Jenny Brown.)

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