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The Stages of a Jon Scieszka Visit

July 11, 2013

Stage I: Goof off before the kids show up


Jon with a promo mask, circa 1996.

Stage II: The kids are here!


Stage III: Laugh with the kids


Children’s Librarian Allie Jane Bruce and Jon Scieszka jointly read BATTLE BUNNY, by Scieszka and Mac Barnett.

Stage IV: The taking of photographs


Center for Children’s Literature Director Jenny Brown captures the proceedings.

Stage V: Sadness and lethargy following his departure


Your tears will fill an ocean (artistic rendering by Mac Barnett).

Stage VI: See the effect on kids


A 9/10 and 4/5 read together during buddy time.

Stage VII: Reflection: Realize you have the best job in the world

bunny worthy kid artwork

Drawn by a 7/8 in response to the question “What do you like to read?”

Stage VIII: Start anticipating the next visit!

(Which may be from Mac Barnett).

Thanks, Jon!

Politics and Prose 7

-Allie Jane Bruce

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