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Children’s Book Committee – June Pick

June 6, 2013

by Sage Blackwood
Harper Collins, 2013

Jinx, saved by the magician Simon, learns the dangers that magic can create. Will Simon save him or harm him? Can he use his newfound powers to protect his friends? (9-12)

Our young reviewer says:

Many books are written about a kid or kids that don’t have changing views of their life. Jinx changes his mind about things as the story progresses.

The story has many twists. Good guys become bad guys and back again. Also, the story is written so that the reader connects with the character. The characters are so realistic that it is like they are real people.

My favorite part of the book was when you realized that Simon, who was portrayed as confident, was really in the same situation as Jinx was. It really showed that adults are just as vulnerable as kids are, they just don’t show it.

– Jonah, New York, NY, age 11

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